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I spent many years of my career in the hospitality business and the first rule of thumb when dealing with customers was, "if a guest had a positive experience, they'll tell 3 people and if they had a negative experience, they'll tell 10." That same idea holds true in the new media world, except the numbers have grown exponentially. Our goal, of course, hasn’t changed – work to increase the number of positive comments written about your company, product, or service and take care of those who have negative experiences.

Instead of it being 3 people – it’s 3,000, or instead of 10 – it’s perhaps 100,000. But, how do you make that happen in the social media world?

Taylor has credited her day of birth with being her own lucky number.

Come right at me for doing so, Absolutely no shade'.

Nurse practitioner Juliana Duque holds a box of insect repellent and information on mosquito protection that she gives her pregnant patients at the Borinquen Medical Center, Tuesday, Aug. Florida officials have gone into damage-control mode, with Gov. " during a tour of the Zika hot zone in Miami's Wynwood district. He said tourists should use caution and not worry about mosquitoes, adding that Florida knows how to prepare for crises because of its hurricanes.