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In Pennsylvania, closing universities has the potential to become a hot issue.

Why do you think we moved out to the county in the first place? “And some of them were far worse.”Another guy pulled Badams aside at a hockey game and said city students might be met with guns at the town line. The majority of Erie’s public school students live in poverty, and disproportionate numbers of them have learning disabilities or are just learning English.

But, partly due to the way Pennsylvania’s convoluted funding formula works, Erie city receives up to $3,000 less revenue per student than schools in the surrounding county.“If we’re going to be offering kids an inequitable high school experience, something that’s vastly inferior in terms of resources to what’s available to students outside the city limits, we thought it was an ethical decision,” Badams said.

The climate of the region and the monsoon allows the city to grow some vegetables and fruits like coconut.

Salalah was the traditional capital of Dhofar, which reached the peak of prosperity in the 13th century thanks to the incense trade.

Start your students with the main test for that term.