Capricorn man dating aquarius woman

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It is very rare for an Aquarius to have patience to wait for Capricorn to make a detailed plan, and this will be a great turn off for Capricorn because they don’t like anything done in haste and the heat of the moment, especially when it comes to sex.

They can both be very passionate when with the right partner, but the starting point in their approaches is usually simply too different to work out.

There are a lot of differences but not many similarities. There is a higher degree of struggle involved but there is also respite.

Thus, when the Capricorn man and the aquarius woman come together, they ensure that there is much on hand to divert attention from their day to day squabbles.

Aquarius is an Air sign and this does make them kind of flaky and unreliable, although they are ruled by Saturn, the master of reliability.