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Arguments may be left out in order from right to left; any arguments thus omitted will be set to the current value according to the local date and time.The number of the month relative to the end of the previous year.

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Date and time components are separated by a single space, for example: 2006-08-07 - After any flags comes an optional field width, as a decimal number; then an optional modifier, which is either E to use the locale's alternate representations if available, or O to use the locale's alternate numeric symbols if available.

In bash, this command will generate a directory listing with ls, and redirect the output to a file which includes the current day, month, and year in the file name.

This seems less then desirable on a production server, as it may lead to (possibly unwanted) new features as well.

The recommended course of action is to only upgrade ports when there are security upgrades.

This difficulty to logically represent disk devices, make it prone to failure for the operating system to find the right device when the computer is rebooted.