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One of my best friends mother and Lourdes mother have been friends since childhood in New Iberia, La. According to her he dated girls back then, but was not surprised when he came out. His brother Blaine is a bigwig financier and recently wrote a memoir about growing up in Cajun country. He pretty much raised Billie on his own as Carrie was so whacked out. Look, in Hollywood, they can stab you in the back and destroy you, but smile all the while.

They are calm, and happy, and always, always "helpful." Guys like Bryan Lourd would be the fixer type, the problem solver, the guy who's gonna take care of you.

Managing Director and Co-Chairman of Creative Artists Agency, which reps half of Hollywood stars. The Herbert Ross troll said Lourd was known to be gay at the time that he married Carrie Fisher.

He was appointed to the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities and to the John F. He was also the mediator between Writers Guild and DIsney exes during the infamous writers strike. In the late eighties many powerful gay men entered into beard marriages to distance themselves from the taint of the AIDS-ravaged gay community, the most significant being Calvin Klein.

In December, Clifton and Cohen set sail on billionaire Barry Diller‘s yacht in the Caribbean.