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-\ Entered according to Act of Congress, in tlie year 1872, By HENRY C. Such an acknowledgment is usually merely a matter of compliment, but in my case it is more. It is impossible for the author to introduce this, the Third Edition of his work, to the medical profession without express- ing the sincere gratification which he has experienced from the kind recej Dtion with which its predecessors have met. Should it have existed, sponge-tents should be carefully avoided.

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D., PROFESSOR OF CLINICAL MEDICINE IN THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, NEW YORK. .68 Management of Patient during Physical Examination, ... A short time ago I was called in consultation to the bedside of a lady who was dying of general peritonitis, which had arisen one week after the removal of a sponge-tent by her physician, who was a most careful and competent practitioner. Braxton Hicks says, " I have seen a case end fatally where there had been dilatation a week previous; mental shock suddenly lighting up the inflammation and extending it to the peritoneum." 3d.

Many portions have been rewritten, and several new chapters introduced. Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Female Genital Organs, ... If it were essential for every prac- titioner to lose one patient from this or any kindred cause before regarding it as really dangerous, the number of fatal cases would necessarily grow very large. — This instrument consists merely of a long THE MICROSCOPE.

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