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Since all the immune system's cells come from bone marrow, a transplant essentially introduces a new immune system to a person.Without genetic similarity between the donor and the patient, the new white blood cells will attack the host body.He turned himself in at a Times Square police station early Wednesday, a day after the wounded Caughman staggered into a police precinct. Illuzzi said the charges could be upgraded because the killing was an act “most likely of terrorism.”Jackson’s lawyer suggested that his client might be suffering from mental illness.“What we’re going to do is take a few minutes, let the dust settle and figure out what the facts are,” defense attorney Sam Talkin said outside court.

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Here is what ICE T had to say about INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS: The white girl topic is like the elephant in the room right now.

Everyone sees it, but no one wants to acknowledge it. So here’s 10 reasons black men prefer white girls (if you’re offended, f#ck you and your feelings).

I can tell you as a young Black woman that Black men who date white women aren’t my problem.

Susan Geria, Toronto Re Why Today’s Veterans Avoid The Legion, by Robert Smol (NOW, November 10-16).

Peele told Entertainment Weekly last year that the film "takes on the task of exploring race in America, something that hasn't really been done within the [horror] genre since 'Night of the Living Dead' 47 years ago." "Get Out" hits theaters on February 24.