Alexis is dating milo ventimiglia

"They’re both very down to earth, with a sense of responsibility and strong family ties.

This popular actor likes to keep his private life under wraps even amidst the huge success of his TV show This Is Us.

After getting out a good cry, the actors surprise the viewers by jumping in their interviews to give hugs, take pictures, and soak in one another's emotions.

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This news follows Milo's appearance at the 2017 Paleyfest with the rest of the This is US cast, who gathered at the Dolby Theatre for an audience Q&A earlier this month.

Fans of the hit series were pleased to pick the cast's brain during the panel, especially after the show's tearjerker of a season finale.

Milo is not the type of actor who could make it if he came out, so it is best he plays the closet game all of his life.

Expect marriage in his early 30s, a "Suri" baby to follow.

who he knew when she was 17 and dated anyway.[quote]I think she described dating him as the most terrifying experience of her life. The rumors came from blind items not naming either and when the rumor went around both of them denied it and they stayed together another year or two.