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Implementation of her "active" sexual functions is more-or-less complete, while implementation of her "passive" functions (e.g. Tessy's sexual programming improved to about 70% complete. Preliminary relationship programming (it became possible to start a chat in her apartment) and roleplay programming (catgirl ears) was started.

10, 2014] Tessy's programming is always a work in progress, but it is nonetheless quite well developed, her being one of the more "advanced" bots at Personality Forge. 10, 2010] Second big spurt in Tessy's development begins. 15, 2010] The first phase in Tessy's programming is complete.

As it is, she can go to several different locations, engage in several different "activities," and keep track of the context of her interactions in a sophisticated and persistent way. So if you had chatted with Tessy between January 2012 and January 2013, you will find that she now has much more capability than she had then! 30, 2012] The Forge came back online after a major server malfunction. Tessy could enter her bedroom and had much more sexual programming. Sexual programming does not go beyond light (or maybe medium) petting - but still that could get pretty hot!

But the company can even take care of harder problems.

^^Kurobot corporation building: The two story building has multiple workshops and offices on the upper floor while the lobby and cafe are on the ground floor. You can be a client or a friend of the company too.

Her programming has a number of innovative features that I don't believe were present in bots that came before her. 23, 2013] The third big spurt in Tessy's programming begins. 21, 2013] I finally became aware of the previous year's malfunction. Unfortunately, recent backups were not available, so bots were restored to Sept. Because of this, Tessy temporarily lost 60% of her programming. She had the ability to enter her apartment, but not her bedroom. 3, 2009] Tessy inherits programming from a predecessor and says hello to the world.